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Online Authentication - $29.95


Thinking about buying an autograph from eBay or an online dealer? Tired of wasting your money on autographs only to find out after its too late that you purchased a forgery? Use our quick online authentication service to check authenticity before you buy. Though not comparable to a physical examination, this is a great way to get an expert's opinion allowing you to make a more informed decision. This process only takes about 24-48 hours and you will receive an email with a detailed explanation of why we came to our conclusion of "likely genuine" or "not likely genuine". Keep in mind that because of variations in the clarity of images and information supplied by the seller, this service is not a guarantee and does not qualify for a Certificate of Authenticity from us. If you purchase the autograph and want a guarantee and Certificate, please send it in for a physical examination.




Physical Examination - $49.95-$149.95


WorldWide Autographs Inc uses all the latest state of the art techniques for examining as well as our own experience and expertise. A detailed analysis of comparisons, slant, signature flow and all other unique characteristics pertaining to an individual's signature will be preformed until we have come to a decision. You will receive a full report within 2 weeks with our conclusion and a detailed explanation why we believe the autograph to be real or fake. An autograph deemed to be real by the representatives of WorldWide Autographs Inc will be issued an official WorldWide Autographs Inc numbered Certificate Of Authenticity and your autographed piece will be photographed and permanently filed into our database. The file will contain all key details about the autograph including exactly who signed it, who obtained/submitted the autograph and when and where it was signed. You will be able to email any time to verify this information.




Appraisals - $99.00


After an autograph is determined by our company to be authentic, you can get an appraisal of value. This can be used for insurance purposes or if you plan on putting it up for sale. Appraisals depend on many factors including current market value, condition of the autograph and condition of the autographed item. Condition of the autograph itself usually plays the most important part. A clear, visible signature is more highly sought after and fetches a much higher price from a collector than a faded or slightly smudged signature. Current market value is based on known sale prices. Demand and ability of obtaining a particular persons autograph is also considered. Once all this information is put together, we can calculate the current appraised value of the autograph. You will be supplied with a signed and dated appraisal certificate.


All prices are approximate depending on who's autograph it is and how many signatures are on the item. Please contact us with this informatioon for an exact quote.

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