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The most important factor of an autograph is its authenticity. A fake autograph holds no value. WorldWide Autographs Inc. is a third-party authentication company which consists of a team of highly qualified and devoted autograph exports and collectors. WWA uses all the latest state of the art techniques for examining as well as an extensive library of known authentic samples for comparison. After a detailed analysis is made concerning slant, signature flow and all other unique characteristics pertaining to an individual's signature the final decision is made.






Every autograph deemed authentic by WorldWide Autographs Inc. is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Each COA has a unique number associated to the autograph which is permanently filed in our system. The file contains all key details about the autograph including exactly who signed it, who obtained the autograph, when and where it was signed and photographs of the item to prevent any kind of tampering or forgery.

If you have bought a signed item accompanied by a WorldWide Autographs Inc. Certificate of Authenticity and want to verify its authenticity, send an email with a scan of the COA, the autographed item and the certificate number. We will check are system and make sure all details match and are legit






We also offer an appraisal service once authenticity has been determined. Appraisals depend on many factors including current market value, condition of the autograph and condition of the autographed item. Condition of the autograph itself usually plays the most important part. A clear, visible signature is more highly sought after and fetches a much higher price from a collector than a faded or slightly smudged signature. Current market value is based on known sale prices. Demand and ability of obtaining a particular persons autograph is also considered.

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